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26 year old Female from India, Hisar seeking Male
Last time online:  11 Oct 2011
Looking for:   Friends, Long-Term Dating, Sexual Encounters, Short-Term Dating
Horoscope sign:  Virgo Horoscope sign Virgo
More about me:   ...

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India Hisar Dating and Singles Photo Personals
rating: 7.996
votes: 2078
"Mature Belize"
58 year old Female from Belize, Belmopan seeking Female
Last time online:  05 Apr 2007
Looking for:   Friends, Sexual Encounters, Short-Term Dating
More about me:  Please beware of my age and my sexual preferences......

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Belize Belmopan Dating and Singles Photo Personals
rating: 7.991
votes: 841
"looking for serious relationship"
67 year old Male from Cuba, Havana,Cuba seeking Female
Last time online:  20 Jun 2010
Looking for:   Long-Term Dating
Horoscope sign:  Leo Horoscope sign Leo
More about me:  Hi,I am Wilfred ,63 years old.Married twice and ended up in divorce with first wife ,second wife passed away last year due to kidney faiulure.I am ble...

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Cuba Havana,Cuba Dating and Singles Photo Personals
rating: 8.071
votes: 4
"cool &amp; intelligent"
42 year old Male from India, Mumbai seeking Female
Last time online:  14 Nov 2008
Looking for:   Sexual Encounters, Short-Term Dating
Horoscope sign:  Gemini Horoscope sign Gemini
More about me:  I am married, no kids, but looking for a nice girl who can be my companion for some fun & joy in life...I am very broadminded and cool. I am told ...

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Mumbai Dating and Singles Photo Personals
rating: 7.500
votes: 4

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